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Long Term Rentals In Los Alcazares



For many people renting first before purchasing has become very popular we have a range of Long Term Rentals In Los Alcazares, an area that is in high demand for rentals.


Los Alcazares has become increasingly popular for people looking to both rent and buy a place here in Spain.


This has been in part due to TV coverage of the area on progames such as A Place in The Sun, and other home and travel programes. 


The UK market here is very strong with people looking for Long Term Rentals In Los Alcazares, due to the current exchange rate and Brexit.


renting also gives people the option to try before they buy, with different property types and areas to make sure they are happy before purchasing.


Los Alcazares is a great place to start your search, the airport of Murcia is only 5 minutes away and the town has a fantastic selection of Bars, Restaurants, and of course the beaches of the Mar Menor.


Long Term Rentals In Los Alcazares


The holiday market is booming here in Los Alcazares and some clients look to get the greatest return on their properties by renting these out on winter lets for 6 months.


For people looking for Long Term Rentals In Los Alcazares they generally are looking for a rental of 11 months + , and many owners are coming around to this as it gives them a constant income from their properties.


Fees for Long Term Rentals In Los Alcazares vary from agent to agent but as a general rule when you are looking at a long term rental you should look at the following as a guide to the costs involved.

1. One Months Rent Paid Upfront.

2. One Months Rent to be held as a bond.

3. An Application Fee this varies but €300 is a fair price however some agents do charge another months rent as their fee.


When you take on any of the Long Term Rentals In Los Alcazares, you will be required to pay the utility bills relating to that property, from the water, gas, and electric.


If the property has a pool, some owners or agents will also as that you pay this, as an average this can be €50 per month.


It is very important when dealing with agents who advertise Long Term Rentals In Los Alcazares, that when you find a property you insist that you have the following things to protec you and your bond.


1. Full Contract in Spanish & English - This is a requirement in order for the rental to be legal.

2. Full Inventory of the property including photographs of any damage.

3. Proof of all bill amounts prior to you paying any utility bills.


If you insist on these things then you will be well covered, when it comes to renting a property here in Spain.


To see some examples of Long Term Rentals In Los Alcazares click Here.