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Costa Calida Beach Guide


Here at Your Move Spain, We love to spend as much time as possible on the beaches here in Spain.


Below we have given you some further information on the beaches we enjoy and would recommend for a great day out.


The Costa Calida is home to some truly fantastic beaches, from the Mar Menor, which is an inland lagoon of calm water, to the secret coves of Cartagena, and La Manga.

There is something for everyone here.


The Mar Menor has recently received a 45 million euro investment fund from the EU, to preserve the natural environment here, whilst increasing tourism to the area with the expansion of water sports on the Mar Menor.


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One of the big attractions for people to the Mar Menor lagoon is the fact that it’s no more than 7m in depth, and the waters are warm most of the year round with the region benefiting from 320 days on average of sunshine per year.


Many refer to the lagoon as the biggest swimming pool in the world!


Should you travel around the Mar Menor to Lo Pagan, San Pedro Del Pinatar, or Las Charcas you will find the Mud Baths, where specially built walkways allow you access to the Muds of the Mar Menor.


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The Banos De Lodo mud baths are particularly popular, as the properties of the muds have been recommended to help with conditions such as skin conditions, arthritis & rheumatism. The muds here have been used in several beauty products and treatments for centuries.


Head further South, and you arrive at the popular city of Cartagena, there is a hidden gem on the way past the rear of the shipyard and up through the hills, there awaits a secluded beach cove called Cala Cortina


The beach also benefits from a fantastic restaurant called Mares Braves serving fresh tapas and fish amongst other dishes. There is a nice little playground on the beach making it an ideal trip out for families with children. And some of the best snorkelling in the region to be enjoyed here.


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Further up the coast, you will find the resort of famous La Manga Club, nestled at the back of the resort is one of the region’s best views out to sea and hidden beach coves.

This too is serviced by a bar and restaurant, called La Cala set above the beach and can be found at


your move spain beaches guide


These are just a small selection of our favourite beaches, that we enjoy visiting here at Your Move Spain.

Sometimes the best way is to simply explore the Mar Menor, and region's beaches yourself, with a day out exploring the coastline.


Whichever you decide, one thing is for sure, you will find some of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches in Spain, and begin to see why so many people fall in love with the region and are proud to call this place home.